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ring by Ülle Kõuts


Ülle Kõuts is an Estonian jewellery designer. She works in minimalistic style using more classical jewellery materials in a technique called “Marriage of Metals”. Ülle designs jewellery for people who are self-confident, who wish to be stylish and who know what they want.


Material: silver 925

Dimension: h – 15 mm


“Life itself is my inspiration. My jewellery is worn by a lot of other designers and also architects because the style suits for these kind of people.”

Ülle Kõuts works as a jewellery designer in Katariina Guild. Studied Jewellery Design in the Estonian Academy of Arts. She is the member of Estonian Artist’s Association and  have exhibited her work in Estonia and abroad.

The artwork by Ülle Kõuts is distinctive by the mature style the artist has developed over the years. Ülle Kõuts combines sterling silver with different metals such as copper and argentan to create patterns. In addition to the playfulness of materials, an extra touch is given with polished and mattened surface refinement. Classic beauty with a delightful twist is the perfect way to characterize the artwork of Ülle Kõuts.



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Silver 925, copper, Silver 925, oxidized nickel silver

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