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ring ANTLER MEDIUM by Hyrv


Being deeply fascinated by Scandinavian culture, lifestyle in a light of a cold climate with endless nights and Nordic nature, we created our collection “Antlers” with a special admiration and warmth. Main inspiration for the collection is an ancient symbol of the antlers, because they fall and grow back and spirituality. Due to the similarity of the antlers with tree branches they are also associated with the Tree of Life.

Antler medium ring can be worn alone or stacked with other Antler rings. This adjustable ring with an organic shape will wrap around your finger in a most comfortable way.


Material: silver

Size: Adjustable size from 15 to 18.5


Life is a cycle, a matter of birth and death, acceptance of an end, and readiness to rebirth. The ancient meaning of antlers is rebirth – seasonally, they die, fall off, and grow back. They are extensions of an animal’s skull and are a single bone structure, generally found only on male members of the deer family.
In Nordic mythology, a deer represents sensitivity, intuition, and gentleness, bringing harmony, happiness, peace, and longevity with its presence. Peaceful by nature, deer developed antlers in order to protect itself from the outer world dangers.
These jewelry pieces are symbols of instinctive protection, spiritual authority and regeneration. The design of ANTLERS collection is minimalist and nature-inspired, yet maintaining the strong organic shapes recalling the lines of antlers.

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