E-L 10-21, P 10-19 @ SOLARIS


The trademark Eesti Disaini Maja / Estonian Design House was created in 2010 by EDL and it represents remarkable Estonian product design ranging from interior accessories to fashion. The aim of EDL is to make Estonian design more visible, give designers trading channels and the motivation for new creative ideas. EDH acts as a platform for Estonian designer-makers by helping to promote their products both in Estonia and abroad. Estonian Design House is situated in Solaris Center.

The Estonian Design House is becoming a venue that connects designers from different fields and with different competencies, offers solutions for ideas for products with a flair for service design and initiates product development processes where designers and entrepreneurs get together.

Estonian Design House pop-up shops have been installed in Mexico City, Washington, Paris, Tokyo, Venice, Valencia, San Fransisco, Brussels, London, Milan, Vienna, Stockholm, Saint Petersburg and several cities in Finland. The selection sets out to offer a feast for the eyes and the joy of shopping. Design is brought closer to people – it provokes connotations, feels natural and is within arm’s reach. The original range of quality products fulfils the emotional dreams and rational needs of the visitors.

There are more than 100 estonian designers represented at the Estonian Design House gallery  & online shop.


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