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earrings SCRAMBLED EGG RING by Laura Saks

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The EGG Laura Saks brand is inspired by the search for recycling opportunities. Observing the amount of garbage left over from preparing breakfast at home and in the hotel, it turned out that a large part is made up of eggshells, which can be given a new life. The earrings are handcrafted using biological materials – poultry egg shells and bioresin (produced from plant or other agricultural products). The eggshell is crushed and treated with resin. The mixture is placed in molds whose design follows the shape of an egg. The surface of the jewelry is sanded, lacquered with resin and polished. The earrings are made of silver. Only natural dyes have been used to color the egg shells – charcoal, chlorella algae, etc. The natural color selection of eggshells is also represented. Brown, white, green, bluish, gray chicken eggs and patterned quail eggs have been used. Three collections “Scrambled Eggs”, “Boiled Eggs” and “Scrambled Egg Ring” have been made from recycled eggshells.


Material: eggshell + resin, mounting silver


Small: ~ Ø 21 mm

Medium: Ø 30 mm

Large: ~ Ø 41 mm

NB! Each pair of earrings is unique, the pictures are illustrative

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