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pillow HÜLJES by Pillezoo


Seal pillow- your new best friend in the sofa.

Hand printed with human and environment friendly dyes.

100 % cotton velvet pillow stuffed with non- allergic recycled polyester material.

Size: ca 60 x 30 cm

Care information: you may wash it in washing machine up to 30 degrees or use professional dry clean service.

NB! It’s hand made. The actual product may vary from the images shown on the website.

Pillezoo is a “four animal zoo” offering various hand printed textile accessories, design elements and toys. Our characters are an owl, a cat, a seal and a badger. It’s a completely unique company that will quickly become a favourite of both children and adults at home. All products are made in Estonia. We use only human- and environmentally friendly textile printing inks and mainly natural materials.



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