E-L 10-21, P 10-19 @ Solaris

Designer Anni Ilves

We take inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of the Andes, where each of our pieces starts its journey, then combine this with the modern outlook and inventiveness of Nordic design to create singular items which you can enjoy for years to come.We are working with one of the best natural fibres known to mankind – alpaca. The moment we first discovered this unique fibre, we formed an immediate emotional attachment and since then our mission was clear. We wanted to share these unparalleled physical and emotional qualities with the rest of the world. We knew that this rare and unique fibre needs to be introduced to the world in a way it deserves, which is why our designs cater for real people living real lives all the while maintaining the state of balance with nature.Our mission is to create beauty that is not seasonal, nor bound to any fashion trend but is instead timeless, classic and enduring. We are driven by our love for high-quality natural fibres and wish to introduce our customers to softness and warmth that are beyond words, with the utmost respect for animals, people and the environment.

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