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stool SITBOARD STOOL by Tarmo Luisk


These stool use skateboards as their seat plates. To be more clear, I used those skateboards, which have survived their original form.And all the serious skateboarders have plenty of these at home. Legends have it, that even hundreds…But usable for the stools are nevertheless only these, which are without cracks. Even those are plenty. Skateboard caught my attention due to its shape which reselves the traditional chinese stool. And of course the fact, that it is impossible to produce two completely identical SitBoards. Its light weight, durability and slightly 3D form is another bonus.Bolster has been fitted in a way, that it covers as small area of the (raddled) back side of the skateboard as possible.Legs are assembled easily with screws (the holes are already there from the skateboard wheels). Construction is strong and light.Bolster uses leftovers from furniture industries (suitable sizes are always in the leftovers).


Material: plywood, metal, lether

Size: 80 x 56 x 30 cm

Available on backorder

Delivery time: up to two weeks

Weight3 kg
Dimensions82 × 30 × 58 cm
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