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chair-bench-storage SNAILBOX by Elmet Treier


Snailbox is a compact and mobile solution for creating a working environment in an already existing space. It can be used to create additional work space in public environments such as airports, conference halls, school rooms, but also in more intimate environments such as in the office or at home (for example, if you are in quarantine with three children and you need to quickly create more work places, then Snailbox is a good solution:)

Snailbox can be easily disassembled to transform from a desk to a chair or a bedroom cabinet with hidden storage for personal belongings. It is also good to send it by post. It is small and compact and easy to move from one place to another.

Natural materials have been used, 50% of which are industrial waste.

Material: plywood 14mm. round steel 10mm

Dimensions: 400×400 h450/670

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