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shelf CRANE by Radis

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Like a multifunctional machine, the CRANE shelf is slender but sturdy and gets the work done. The metallic frame is strong but does not look bulky. CRANE’s oak veneered shelves are adjustable, meaning you can use them in different ways, exactly tailored to your needs.

CRANE’s oak veneered shelves have beautifully shaped round corners and the shelves are adjustable, meaning you can use them in different ways, exactly tailored to your needs. The airy structure of CRANE means that you can create your cosy office nook with it or present Your books at the living room.

The CRANE shelf is made of environmentally friendly plywood with oak veneer, strong 20x20mm black or also white powder-coated metal legs with wall mounts. The depth of the computer surfaces is 46 cm. The height of the sitting table is 74 cm, the height of the standing table is 105 cm. The distance between the legs is 50 and 75 cm. Shelf CRANE is vailable in three widths – 98cm, 150cm and 227cm.

The height of the shelf spaces is 29.5 cm. The inner width of the cabinets is 31.5 cm. Soft-closing door hinges, you can open the cabinets by pulling from the top or bottom edge.

The distance of the metal leg from the wall is 2.5 cm, thanks to the included distance bushings, so it is suitable for different skirting boards. The wall mounting points are 64 and 157 cm above the ground.

Designer: Tiina Aavik, Raul Abner



Width: 98-150-227 cm
Depth: 31 cm
Height: 198 cm


Tiina Aavik

Product designer interested in furniture design

“Beauty lies in functionality and simplicity. When I design each new piece of furniture, I proceed from user-centered design, where the focus is on user comfort and functionality. I think that every piece of furniture created should be made with a long-term perspective in mind. Therefore, the timeless appearance of the product is also important to me”


S – 98cm, 2 kapiga, S – 98cm, 1 arvutilaua ja kapiga, S – 98cm, M – 150cm, arvutilaudade ja 3 kapiga, VALGED jalad, M – 150cm, arvutilaudade ja 3 kapiga, VALGE OSMO ja VALGED JALAD, M – 150cm, arvutilauade ja 3 kapiga, M – 150cm, 3 kapiga, M – 150cm, L – 227cm, arvutilaudade ja 3 kapiga, VALGE OSMO ja VALGED jalad, L – 227cm, 5 kapiga, L – 227cm, 2 arvutilaua ja 4 kapiga, L – 227cm

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