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jewellery series: CAR GLASS by K i l l u d


FRAGMENTS bring good luck!

We all have a desire to capture experiences, pieces of our lives… pieces in a mosaic of memories.
Memories become more and more beautiful with time and more and more.

The KILLUD car glass series captures the beauty of broken glass. Beauty that doesn’t really stay together.

Angela: “The whole story started in the morning, when I discovered that someone had broken the side window of the car, but when I saw those glittering pieces of glass shimmering in the sun on the front seat, I realised… – shards bring good luck!

The beauty of broken glass fascinates – like a mountain crystal.


Each set is original and unique. The source of inspiration is the beauty seen from the corner of the eye. Angela Orgussaar tries to capture these moments in glass pieces.



Material: ground glass, silver fittings


NB! The pictures are illustrative – each piece of jewellery is unique and may not correspond to the product photo.

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