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pendant YOU AND ME by Hyrv


The BAMBI collection offers great emotional appeal and is created straight from the heart. The deer will bring you spiritual harmony and good luck. The deer is the true king of the forest, symbolizing tranquility, majesty, vitality and wisdom. He is regarded as a pathfinder and associated with new beginnings and enduring strength. At the same time, the deer is a symbol of love, beauty and subtly conveyed power. The deer represents the strength of the family union. Deer roam in herds and they stand for strong bonds of allegiance and fellowship in the face of adversity. Every woman wearing jewelry from the BAMBI collection will feel love and peace in their heart and will find the right path to follow, wherever their journey takes them. The BAMBI collection is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or a significant moment in your life.

By choosing the pendant with fawns, You will gain the strength and motivation to shape an even brighter future, forging the path you truly desire. The young and valiant deer will help you achieve all your goals.





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