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bookshelf DUNE by Jaanus Orgusaar

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DUNE was inspired by various natural shapes – sand-dunes, flowing water, fractality. The shelf is based on the principle of the Flower of Life and the Golden ratio that appeals to the human eye through its ideal proportion. The winding curves of the shelf seem spontaneous at first glance but actually the wave is based on an algorithm that reoccurs after every fifth span. The repetition is created by three elements with different shapes in both vertical and horizontal levels. The algorithm is not computer generated but created by the designer.


Material – 12 mm laminated birch plywood, waterproof.

Small: 1646 x 2464 x 410 mm, weight – 60 kg

Medium: 2055 x 2055 x 410 mm, weight – 75 kg

Big: 2464 x 2464 x 410 mm, weight – 88 kg

More information: consists of 12-14 details, instruction included, wall mounting needed.


Delivery time up to two weeks

Weight88 kg

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