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soap dish ZEN by Hyti


The ZEN soap dish is simple, definite, minimalist and timeless in design. ZEN carries the idea of self-education so that we may change our consumption habits. To consume less but more sustainable and longer-lasting products timeless in terms of their design yet offer visual enjoyment. The ZEN soap dish encourages using classic bar soap, which has ten times less environmental impact than the liquid soap.
The ZEN soap dish is of colourless soda glass. The glass material is made of discarded and recycled 3Dlaser products (laser engraved prizes, gifts, souvenirs). ZEN was made in collaboration with 3Dlaser, following the principles of upcycling product development, where a lower value product without a waste management plan is transformed into a higher value product. The ZEN soap dish is part of a series of design products under development.
The orange soap dish is made of the production residue of melted glass obtained from studio Hyti.
Designer:  Anne-Liis Leht
Material: glass
Size: 74x115x28mm
Representative green thing 2022

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