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Haapsalu scarf with QUEEN SILVIA by Luxe Hapsal


The famous Haapsalu scarf with a 200+ year history and popularity among the Russian Tsar family and aristocrats visiting Haapsalu, is a classic trademark from Hapsal. The scarf in traditional white colour transitions the timeless elegance from the bygone era into the new and is treated as a special heirloom piece.

The jewel in the crown of a Haapsalu scarf is the fact that, from the beginning to the very end, it has been crafted and finished by hand by a dedicated, trained specialist, with skills passed down through generations. It takes a master two weeks to knit one Haapsalu scarf making it a truly unique item.


Material: 100% wool

Shape: rectangle

Pattern: Queen Silvia

Care instructions: Haapsalu Shawl is hand washed in lukewarm water using wool-laundering detergant. Squeeze gently. Do not twist or felt. Still wet shawl is framed. If you do not have the frame let it dry over a bed or carpet covered with white sheet by stretching the shawl from each pointed edge using stainless pins. While pinning make sure the pattern is straight. Let it dry properly.

Unique Heirloom piece

Hand Made in Haapsalu

Some of the owners of a hand made one-off Haapsalu Scarf:
Kersti Kaljulaid, President of Estonia
Queen Silvia, Queen of Sweden
Maria Alexandrovna, Empress of Russia
Queen Sofia, Queen of Spain
Michiko, Empress of Japan
Princess Astrid, Princess of Norway
Greta Garbo, Film Star
Katie Melua, Singer

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