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necklace TWO CENTS by Sile Luik Jewelry


This necklace is made from copper cents.
It goes together perfectly with Two Cents earrings but is also a cool look by it’s own.
Two Cents dark colors are obtained by copper’s natural oxidation and colors may vary as every piece is unique.


Material: copper

The band is made from artificial leather.

Dimension: pendant – 15 mm x 70 mm, band – 40 cm long.

One necklace is around 10 grams.

More information: copper is covered with a thin layer of acrylic to prevent oxidation. Acrylic can be damaged by alcohol, acetone and acids.


TWO CENTS is a minimalistic jewelry series made from copper cents. For one earring a cent is heated up and passed between two revolving steel cylinders – like letting a train roam over it. A circle becomes an ellipse as the material stretches. Sille Luiga is an Estonian jewelry artist. At the moment she studies at the Estonian Academy of Art. For years now she has been developing a design jewelry series called TWO CENTS under a brand name SILE LUIK Jewelry.

Delivery time: 2 – 5 working days

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