credit card case by MOKOKO


This Slim Credit Card Case is Skinny Jeans’ best friend, fitting well in tight pockets. The rise of card payments has created a need for minimalist card wallets. Slim modern-day wallet holds up to 9 credit cards, a keycard and some folded cash. The back side of the package can be used to draw a personal birthday or Christmas card.

Vegetable tanned leather absorbs the traces of our living, it gains character without degrading. The natural ageing does not compromise its resistance and gives it a vintage look with warm color shades showing evidence of being a natural product.

No leather looks like any other, each has its own natural markings which make it one of a kind.

Natural vegetable tanned leather, polyester lining, durable polyester thread.

Dimensions: 97 x 72 x 2,5 mm
Colors: black, pink, light brown, dark brown



Weight 0.3 kg
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