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lamp 8CELLS by Jaanus Orgusaar


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8CELLS is a mood light that opens up new perspectives and dimensions in different parts of the room – from cubes to stars and tetrahedrons. The warm wood and the structure of the lamp create a cosy atmosphere. The structure of 8CELLS reminds of soap bubbles that are drawn towards each other and spread the material and mass proportionally while keeping the shape and density needed for synergy. As a result of pulling together the bubbles form polyhedrons that combine hexagons and tetragons. 8 modules are set around one central module and thus create an endless structure.

H – 600 x 600 mm, weight 2 kg Material – 1.5mm birch plywood. E27, max 70 WT, bulb included, white textile cable 1,5 m.


The lamp is constructed of same-size aircraft plywood circles that cut into each other and are fixed by a unique snap-fix fixture. The 9-chamber composition is lit by a source of light in the centre. The lamp comes assembled, put together by hand in our workshop.

NB If you wish to pick up the product yourself, after being notified, the pick up will be at the producer’s warehouse at Keevise 13, Mon – Fri 9-17.

Shipping fee will apply for other methods of pick-up.

Kaal5 kg
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