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bottle bag KNOT NOT TOTE by knot not tote



KNOT NOT A BAG is a bottle bag that makes carrying a bottle comfortable and stylish. In addition to everyday use, bottle bags are irreplaceable at festivals where cups need to be carried. knot not tote has taken it to heart to contribute to human health and reduce plastic consumption.
The bottle bags are hand-woven from cotton cord made in Estonia, and the production process is closely monitored so minimal material would be used on each bag.
In addition, the product tags are made of leftover materials. The colours are also completely natural: turmeric, blackcurrant …
At the moment, Ingel-Kristen and Lisette weave the bags on their own, but as the demand grows, they want to involve both the elderly and the visually impaired in the production process.
Macrame bags are designed to hold different sized bottles. The bags are designed to carry a bottle over your shoulder – be it a bottle of water for a walk or a bottle of lemonade at a festival. The shoulder strap and the tightening of the straps around the neck are also adjustable. A keychain or pendant can be hung on the bag if so desired.

Design author(s): Ingel-Kristen Veevo, Lisette Sivard

Material: 100% cotton, 100% biodegradable

Dimensions: 9×45 cm, best for carrying 250ml to 1L bottles / compact to carry folded up

Care: Some dyes may wear out / hand wash if necessary

Year: 2020

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