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A  clothes’ hanger that is extremely sustainable from the trees’ viewpoint. To produce a hanger the tree has to give up only one branch, which goes to dry in a special frame right in the forest, after being freshly cut. No steaming is needed, the moisture inside the branch is sucient – which, on the other hand, means that the production is highly seasonal.

Haru hangers are not meant to compete with regular hangers in their functionality – their function is the joy of giving and receiving. Since often the lifecycle of a souvenir is quite short, the product is ethical – it is fully decomposable in nature. The package, which frames the product, plays a big role – it helps to tell the “story” of the hangers and sets them slightly apart from wooden spoons and knitted cardigans. A package contains four hangers and on it you will nd information in both Estonian and English, as well as the geographical coordinates to pinpoint where each patch has grown.

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