face cream by Tilk



REGENERATE ME – Regenerate Me is a perfect cream for combination skin. The bioactive ingredients renew skin cells – giving your complexion a healthy glow. This heavenly treat for your skin smells of fresh lavender.


PROTECT ME – Protect Me is a perfect choice for sensitive skin. The bioactive ingredients calm your skin and create a protective layer against outside factors. This natural cream has no fragrances added. The gentle scent is from fresh ingredients including almond oil and beeswax.

CLEANSE ME – Cleanse Me is an excellent choice for oily skin. The bioactive ingredients calm, soften, and treat the inflammatory areas. The cream improves the skin’s microcirculation to cleanse it. The scent is an energetic blend of peppermint and tangerine.

MOISTURE ME  – Moisture Me is a perfect cream for dry skin. The bioactive ingredients help to recover natural balance and to deeply moisturise your skin. The fragrance is a fresh mix of lavender and chamomile. It is a heavenly treat for your skin.

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