gift card VALENTINE`S DAY by Estonian Design House

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Estonian design – the perfect gift

Clothes, interiors, ceramics… and so on.

Estonian design ranges from small detailed jewellery to larger pieces of furniture and clothing. You can find a large selection of Estonian design from Estonian Design House showroom in Solaris shopping centre & e-Shop. You can use it to pay for goods in Estonian Design House store in Tallinn or in our web-shop. We ship worldwide.  There are 20€, 30€, 50€  and 100€ value gift cards available and also a custom sum can be arranged.

You can choose Estonian Design House e-Gift Card or Gift Card on paber.

*The e-Gift Card along with Your wishes will find its way to the gift receiver’s mailbox. Please select Shipping option: ” Free pickup “




20 EUR, 30 EUR, 50 EUR, 100 EUR



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