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ropehooks by Udrik


Ropehooks began life as a simple task: hanging kids’ wet outdoor clothes up to dry somewhere in a boiler room. The problem was that all of the walls were taken up with pipes, wiring and the like. The only logical solution was to hang them from ceiling.

For a few years the simple rope-and-hook approach did its job until another task came up: putting hooks in the wardrobe for the kids to use. At this point we realised we needed a much better solution – and that maybe others did, too.

We set ourselves the challenge of creating the simplest coat-hanging system possible – one that looked good and was both flexible and affordable. And that’s how Ropehooks came about.


Material: high stenght rope, hooks – stainless steel

Rope: 2.4 m, Ø – 6mm 

Set: rope, 3 hooks and mounting hardware


Delivery time: 1 – 3 working days

Weight1 kg

Gray, Black


Orange, Light blue, Black, White, Gray

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