board game “The Golden Cup” by Meelis and Leeve Karmo


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Are you ready to compete for the title of the best biathlete? Sweat it out on the cross-country course, keep a cool head at the shooting ranges and what’s most important – never give up because the competition may take un unexpected turn even in the final metres.

This exciting dice game unfolding on the snowy slopes will set everyone’s pulse racing! A demanding skiing track, two shooting ranges, penalty loops, lucky bullets and pure adrenaline in a single box – all without leaving your room!

The board game „The Golden Cup“ is Estonian through and through but compelling for every ski enthusiast regardless of their nationality. The game box contains a six-sided die, a special shooting range die, 44 ammunition rounds, 20 penalty tokens and 4 pawns. All components are made of wood. The 40-page notebook included in the box helps you determine the winner of the biathlon Golden Cup. The game rules are in Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish.

The designers of the game are Leeve and Meelis Karmo. The game is illustrated by Katrina Sirelpuu.

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