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energy necklace with big stone by KUMA


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KUMA Energy necklaces are not only pieces of eye candy, they’re also food for the soul. Ethically sourced materials and made by Estonian craftsmen – this fashion accessory carries an energy that only handmade products do.

Our everyday life is filled with artificial materials and although we can’t see all the static electricity that artificial materials create, we can sure feel it. One way to ground static electricity is to simply touch something that is natural like a KUMA energy necklace. Whenever you feel tired, anxious or overwhelmed, simply hold the necklace and it will give you strength to carry on.

The natural semi-precious stone in the core of the necklace is attached together by a silver wire and vegan leather – so from core to surface our necklaces are 100% natural.

Length: 90 cm, cotton cord is adjustable

Materials used: Cotton lace, vegan leather, natural semiprecious stone.
Please note that the exact colour and shape of the natural stone may vary compared to the product images.


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