brooch Butterfly by KUMA



Materjalid: Naturaalne nahk, print, hõbedased kaelusenurgad, prossinõel, swarovski kivikesed ( vastavalt mudelile).

Every KUMA accessory is handcrafted to tell a story. Your story. Wear it your way and be a voice, not an echo! Butterfly was seen in ancient cultures as the personification of a person’s soul. Our hand-made bow-tie Butterly brooches enable you to experience this old tradition in a modern setting.

All Butterfly brooches are crafted by skilled artists using real leather and expressive colours. Choose the one that best captures the essence of your soul. And don’t forget your friends and loved ones. Butterfly brooches make an excellent gift – a truly eye-catching statement for expressive types!

Materials used: Real leather and brooch needle.
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Wanderluster, Pilv, Moondaughter, Rahe, Butterfly Moona, Õrnus, Vikerkaar, Suitsupääsuke, Spirituality, Frost Flower, Prosperity, Green, Blue Lagoon, Sassy Sunbeamer

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