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air purifier MOSSY byMossy


Did you know that air pollution in your home can be 2 to even 5 times worse than outdoors, harming your health and reducing your life expectancy? When using cleaning products, cooking, and playing with pets, harmful pollutants enter the air unnoticed. The Mossy air purifier guarantees you the best quality of life.

Our air purifier only uses natural materials to purify the air: reindeer moss, wool, hemp mats, and activated carbon cloth, making the majority of our filter combination biodegradable. Our filter combination is tested at TalTech University, indicating that our air purifier removes the same harmful particles as a HEPA filter would, ranging from dust, and mold spores to even harmful gases (PM10–PM1).

The shell of the air purifier is 3D printed using biodegradable printing resin, not only making the product biodegradable, but also more environmentally friendly than other air purifiers.

Mossy’s beautiful and compact design makes it easy to move around between the rooms. It is low energy, works quietly, and brings a sense of nature to your home.
We recommend changing the filters every 4-6 months to ensure product reliability.

Mossy’s air purifier is perfect for anyone living in the city – enjoy better quality of life thanks to nature!

Technical details

Dimensions: 11x11x22 cm; noise level: 37 dB; voltage: 230 V; maximum surface area covered: 20 m2; includes a 2 m cable (EU) with a switch.

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