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home fragrance REFRESHING by Magrada


This scent is made with lemon grass, fresh garden flowers and herbs. Tropical lemon grass stimulates the senses and creates a positive and liberating mood.

Diffuser base is a state of the art diffuser base pioneered using innovative technology from Soya Based renewable resources.

Eco Friendly
Low in carbon footprint
Low in odour
Optimal Evaporation

Directions for use:

First, remove the external cap and after that the internal protective cap. Spin the external cap back on the diffuser and insert the reeds. The amount of reeds should be adjusted according to the size of the room and the desired intensity of the fragrance. The aromatic oil slowly absorbs into the reeds and then release the fragrance in about 12-24 hours.

Diffuser is designed to last up to 16 weeks. It’s recommended to spin the reeds from time to time.

NB! Please make sure that the reeds don’t touch polished, painted or synthetic surfaces, wallpapers or fabrics. After contact with skin, wash with water and soap. Keep the home fragrance out of the reach of children and pets.

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