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bookshelf COMB by Jaanus Orgussaar

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The spherical shape of the design bookshelf COMB gently protrudes from the wall like a sculpture while offering a practical and eye-catching way to store and showcase items. The designer bookshelf is shaped like a hexagonal comb with expanding crossing surfaces. The three-way surfaces cross at a 60-degree angle connected with a clever dovetail joint without acute angles to bump into. The triangle-based structure is strong enough for the heaviest books and enables to create an aerial yet rigid shape of the merely 6 mm thick birch plywood. The film-coated plywood bookshelf is easy to clean.


Material: 6 mm coated birch plywood, waterproof, 6 metal rings


Mini: 98 x 98 x 18 cm, weight – 5 kg

Medium: 132 x 132 x 25 cm, weight – 10 kg

Big: 167 x 165 x 32 cm, weight – 15 kg

Delivery time: 2 – 4 weeks




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