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This Scarf Exclusive Fishbone is made of 100% baby alpaca wool from the Peruvian Highlands. Excellent choice for windy and chilly weather to add a little elegance to your look and a gentle silky touch against your skin. Baby alpaca keeps you warm on the inside and radiant to the outside.

Baby alpaca wool is not prickly and can be worn next to skin. Alpaca fibre is naturally dirt- and water repellent and it contains no lanolin, which makes it allergy-free. Perfect for people with sensitive skin.

The fishbone design looks great with any outfit and is perfect for an exacting customer. Scarf Exclusive Fishbone comes in all kinds of colors from classic to trendy, making the scarf a great fashion accessory, adding a little luxury and warmest of emotions to your life!


Material: 100% baby alpaca, ca 22-23 microns

Weight:  140 g

Size: 30 x 200 cm

Additional information: baby alpaca contains no lanolin, making the Scarves allergy-free

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