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sauna ladle LEILIVIHMUTI by Artur Rusin


Sauna ladle LEILIVIHMUTI (literally: sauna steam sprinkler)

Invented by Estonian jeweler Artur Rusin. Rusin has been working as a goldsmith for a quarter of a century. In addition to his main work, he also dabbles in invention.

“Crafts and everything you can create with your own hands have always been very close to my heart. Finished jewellery or objects have a different value and soul,” he says.

He is one of those lucky ones whose hobbies have grown into a profession, and in a small way he considers himself an inventor. In 2010, Rusin conceived the sauna ladle, which became known as the steam sprinkler.

“When I invented the product, I spent several hours in the sauna to achieve the optimal shape and steam effect from the product. The effect of the steam sprinkler is the even distribution of the water sprayed on the surface of the stones, which results in a more even evaporation of the water and therefore more efficient steam, which is not as sharp as usual, but pleasantly soft. Compared to pouring water from a traditional sauna ladle, the heater stones do not cool as fast due to the even sprinkling of the steam sprinkler,” he explains.

In 2011, Rusin participated in a design competition held within the framework of the innovation festival “IF… and Design Night” belonging to the program “European Capital of Culture Tallinn”, where the steam sprinkler won second place. It also gave access to the final round of the international innovation design competition “IF Lab”, where the steam sprinkler won third place.

“The interest in the steam sprinkler was very great and I was inspired to start producing the product in Estonia. Unfortunately, we could not find a suitable metalworking company, ie a manufacturer, for whom it would have been affordable and feasible, ”says Rusin. The interest of the author also waned, and so the invention stood still for some time.

“Etker Jõeleht, a neighbor of my country home, a renowned martial arts teacher, practitioner and tea master, to whom I also gave one of the first prototypes, found the product very interesting. Thanks in large part to his introduction, his knowledge of the Chinese language and his good contacts with China, we reached the first production lot. 500 steam sprinklers made in China arrived in Estonia last autumn and now they have all been sold. We have received a lot of positive feedback from customers, which adds even more confidence that the product is interesting and innovative,” says Rusin.

The steam sprinkler is handmade of polished stainless steel, the aspen handles are made in Avinurme wood industry.

“We are optimistic about the future. We want to find a manufacturer or distributor of sauna accessories through whom to sell and market steam sprinklers. Our larger neighboring countries also appreciate sauna culture, and we believe that the steam sprinkler could be part of any sauna,” he adds.

(Maakodu, Delfi.ee, 16.02. 2016)


Material: stainless steel, Estonian aspen

Designed in Estonia, manufactured in China


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