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tumbler toy JOLO by Silvia Reinpuu


JOLO tumbler toys

JOLO tumbler toys are happy, mood lifting toys. Every animal contains a special weight hidden inside that gives it character, creating different possibilities for playful activities. Pushing it can also turn the tumbler into a spinner or unexpectedly change its direction of movement, demanding speed and dexterity from the catcher.
Despite their stubbornness, they roll quite well, still always victoriously and determinedly getting up from every situation.
From time to time, every toddler gets in a stubborn mood and then the happy animals can come to the aid, coaxing it out of the child. Together, a better mood is created.
Jolo tumbler toys have been simplified into a shape of a small ball that is easy to grasp and hold.
This family of animals contains a cat, a badger, a sheep, a guinea pig, and a bear but the family is getting bigger and over time there will be additions. There will be new wild and domestic animals, and colourful feathered creatures.
Autor(id): Silvia Reinpuu (pakendi graafiline disain, esitlusgraafika ja logo: loovagentuur Refleks)
Materjal: wood
Mõõdud: 60x60mm
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