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honey by Nordic Honey

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Honey “Creamy Dreamy”
A creamy texture achieved by carefully mixing the honey when it starts to crystallize, resulting in a luxurious spread that tastes like white chocolate and feels like light cappuccino foam. This honey pairs beautifully with crusty bread, warm apple pie and pecan ice cream.
Product details:​250g

Honey “Late Harvest”
At the end of the Nordic summer, an abundance of ripe and mellow plants delivers a honey the colour of a deep golden sunset with the rich aroma of a late harvest. Its maturity is perfect for sophisticated pairings like roasted duck, aged cheeses and full-bodied Merlot.
Product details: 250g

Honey “Spring is in the air”
Suffused with the bright aromas of a Nordic spring morning, this is the first honey of the year. Clear, glowing, an elegant yet sweet flavour with subtle hints of raspberry, clover and dandelion. Best enjoyed drizzled over seasonal fruits, grilled goat cheese or stirred into delicate white tea.
Product details: 250g

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