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earrings SCRAMBLED EGGS MUNA by Laura Saks


EGG Laura Saks brand is inspired by looking for ways of recycling materials. Seeing the amount of food scraps simply thrown away after cooking breakfast at home or at work I found that a big chunk of that comes from eggshells that could be given a new life. Earrings are hand made using biological materials – domestic eggshells and biological resin (made from agricultural waste) Eggshells are crushed and processed with resin. The mix then goes into a mold which has the shape of an egg. After that it’s sanded, clearcoated and polished. Earring attachment is made of silver. Only natural products are used for coloring the earrings such as: charcoal, beetroot, curcum, raspberry, red cabbage, Chlorella seaweed and Matcha tea. Natural color of the eggs is also presented. We have used brown, white, green-ish, blue-ish, gray eggs and patterned quail eggs. Recycled eggshells have produced two collections: „Scrambled Eggs“ and „Boiled Eggs“.


Material: eggshells + biological resin, silver

Dimensions: 24 x 18 mm

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