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plantwall DARK by Growert

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Growert´s vertical landscaping products are practical and minimalistic in design, but as soon as they are filled with plants, the wall becomes a living painting.
However, if you use a plant wall in the kitchen, it is the perfect place for your favorite herbs or plants.
Modules inside the plant wall are made of recycled plastic and the casing is made of waterproof plywood. The water reservoirs are filled through an opening on the top. Filling the plant wall with plants is easy because pots can be removed from the wall separately.
The product range includes four different models from the Light and Dark series and suitable for home, office, balcony, patio, business, and urban landscaping.


Material: waterproof plywood


2B1 : 37 x 20 x h 29 cm, weight – 2.7 kg

4B1 : 66.5 x 20 x h 29 cm, weight – 4.3 kg

4B2 : 37 x 20 x h 47.5 cm, weight – 5 kg

8B2 : 66.5 x 20 x 47.5 cm, weight – 7 kg

More information: The set includes a plant wall housing with removable pots, a funnel, a hook and a small bucket. Plants are not included in kit.


  • Hang the plant wall case on the wall using a correct fastening method for your wall
  • Buy plants of your own choice and suitable soil
  • Plant the plants in the pots included
  • Place the pots inside the wall
  • For watering place a funnel in the opening on the top of the casing and hang a small bucket on the hook at the bottom of the casing. Add water slowly through a funnel until the water reservoirs are full and you see that water begins to drip to the attached bucket. Plants get water from openings in the bottom of the pots.

2B1, 4B1, 4B2, 8B2

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