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PULK is an Estonian modular furniture brand that appreciates simplicity and playfulness. In our products we value the adaptability to different environments, functionality and minimalistic design.


Quality material and a playful design allow customers to customize their furniture to one’s specific needs and express their creative side. Every day a different look!

PULK modular furniture is based on the principle „design yourself“. It unifies interior design, multifunctionality and a creative approach.


PULK module consists of a backplate and shelves out of birch plywood and pegs out of oak. Machined holes in the backplate are used for inserting pegs onto which the shelves and other future accessories are laid.


One module is like a game field where repositioning furniture and changing the design is very simple. Cover the entire wall with PULK modules and add originality to your home!


The standard set consists of a backplate, three shelves with different lengths, two  wall mounting slats and nine pegs.

Backplates are available in two standard sizes 60×60 cm or 80×80 cm. It is also possible to choose between two frequencies of machined slots.

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