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necklace OPEN ME by Xenia Joost


OPEN ME kaelakee


100% taaskasutatud hõbe


3D prinditud Eestis


Ehtes kasutatud 3D prinditud sterling hõbe on 100% taaskasutatud ja pärit CHAIN OF CUSTODY (COC) Responsible Jewellery Council’i poolt kontrollitud tarneahelast. Tootmisprotsessis on kasutatud ainult looduslikke aineid.

OPEN ME necklace


100% recycled silver


3D printed in Estonia


CHAIN OF CUSTODY (COC) Sterling Silver used to 3D print the OPEN ME necklace is 100% RECYCLED and from a controlled supply chain certified by the Chain of Custody of the Responsible Jewellery Council. In the 3D production process of the pendant, only natural ingredients are used.

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