triangle Vaikuse Murdja by Tarmo Luisk/Martin Pütsep


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Estonians are by no means a stupid nation. Usually we think that we know everything there is to know about everything and we can describe in great detail what has gone wrong. However, we don’t talk that much. Let them get to the truth themselves. We almost never talk about emotions because these can be communicated so much more eloquently in writing. In good company, we talk about work. Only the vainest among us or the ones who are having problems in this area talk about their private lives. We’d prefer to not talk at all because it seems that those who talk all the time are as if not real Estonians. Despite all that, sometimes the silence doesn’t speak and it’s not golden. It’s just boring and embarrassing. This triangle is made of a stainless steel rod with a diameter of 6mm (the model is made of regular steel) and the packaging is made of black MDF leftovers. Contemporary technologies are used to produce the triangle – automated steel bending and CnC metal cutting. The product received the second prize at the competition “Small Item” organised by the Estonian Association of Designers in 2012.

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