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Moss Diamond by Monika Järg



Vaip DIAMOND vääristab iga põrandat! See on käsituft-tehnoloogias kootud, naturaalsetes värvitoonides villane mõnusalt pehme ja toekas erikujuline põrandavaip. Vaiba mustri toob esile kahe erineva struktuuri, veluurse ja aasalise pinna kombinatsioon. Valikus on ühevärvilised tagasihoidlikud ning erinevatest naturaalsetest toonidest säravad värvilahendused. Kui Sa ei leia pakutud mõõdu- ja värvivalikutest sobivat, võta meiega julgelt ühendust!

Suurus: 150cm x 180 cm***

DIAMOND (150cm x 180cm) dignifies every floor! It is handtufted, diamond shaped carpet from strongly multiplied woolen yarn, available in natural colours, very soft and cozy. The structural pattern of this carpet is formed with a combination of velor and looped surfaces. There are different plain and multicolour patterns available. If there is not a suitable carpet option for you in our colour and size range, please feel free to contact us!


MOSS collection carpets can be ordered in different designs, shapes, color variations and dimensions. Custom solutions are also available.

As the wool is naturally fireproof, the carpet is also qualified to be used in public spaces. Due to the combination of materials and structure the product, placed on the wall, offers a sound damping effect.

Entire production is carried out in Estonia.


NB! As the wool is natural material, some variations may occur in color shades.

Weight 20 kg
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