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snood scarf URBAN by MekooMe


Delivery time: 2 – 5 working days


Mekoome snood-neckwarmer will provide owner with warmth and comfort during whole cold period of the year. The snood is double sided and reversible. Both sides are knitted from fine soft cashmere merino Italian yarn, which is not itchy on the sensitive neck skin. Outer side is covered with pattern while inner layer is simple solid color. In fact there are two neckwarmers in one, which allows owner to wear it in two different ways. The snood is a perfect addition to Mekoome reversible hat and sweater as has the same color combinations.


Material: 10% cashmere, 90% merino fine

Designed and produced in Estonia.

One size fits all

NB! Due to screen differences, actual colors may slightly differ from what appears online.


In Mekoome we do believe in Genius Loci (spirit of a place).
The atmosphere of the place where we exist effects us much – in the way we behave and feel. But also our perception of the same place is different depending on time of the day, season, light conditions and plenty of other aspects. This kind of spiritual interacting is the essence of our being and the infinite source of inspiration.

The pixelated patterns we create and knit in Mekoome is an attempt to snap spacial situations and turn them into wardrobe artefacts.

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