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leather apron by KOOSdisain


Delivery time: 1 – 3 working days

Kas arvad, et see toode võiks sobida ideaalselt Sinu sõbrale või töökaaslasele? Sellele tootele saad osta spetsiaalse kinkekaardi!

Big and manly 100% leather apron. The apron has a pocket and brown cotton belt, with which you can put a towel.

The apron is made of the material left over after the production of leather furniture. These leather pieces are ideal for us, making leather accsessories.


Material: 100% bowine skin

Belt: 100% cotton

Dimension: width 70 cm, height 92 cm

Care: We recommend cleaning the skin with a damp cloth. Leather care products can also be used.

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