E-P 10-19 @ Solaris 

pants P3 by Karl Joonas Alamaa


Delivery time: 1 – 3 weeks


High-wasted jeans with a slim fit. The pants has side pockets, processed waist and there is a concealed zipper at the front.

All fabrics used in the manufacturing of this piece are saved from disposal and would have become waste.


Material: denim


Waist Hips
XS 71 86
S 76 91
M 81 96
L 86 101
XL 91 106



Speaking about humane fashion, not women’s or men’s fashion, is one of my dreams that inspires me. Garment that does not limit the wearer with its form, fit or cut and does not define the person wearing it, but allows anyone to define the essence of any garment instead.

My designs are an androgynous flow between the genders as long as the majority defines princess-like as feminine and heroic knighthood as manly. Regardless how anyone defines and expresses themselves, the terms “manly” and “feminine” still remain, thus questioning the idea of genders as we stereotypically know them in culture and society.

My goal and inspiration is to personally bring more freedom to the world by contributing to crumbling of the social stereotypes. One might think that doing so through fashion design is only a drop in an ocean, but the more freely we feel ourselves in our body covered with clothing, the more freedom we experience on a spiritual level as well.


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