earrings SUGAR TWIST by Kadi Veesaar

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Pieces are made of copper, brass or silver. Each piece is transformed from a single piece of metal into an elegant twisted form using only a hammer and stake.

The surface is covered with the tinted structure paste. All earring posts and clutches are made of the sterling silver (925). Earrings made of copper and brass have an additional silver pad to prevent copper or brass from touching the skin.


Material: brass, silver, copper, structure paste. Earring posts and clutches are made of the sterling silver.


Sugar Twist: 73 x 12 x 1 mm, weight: 2.8 g

Sugar Twis Sharp: 76 x 14 x 1 mm, weight: 3.5


“SugarTwist” is a colorful jewellery collection with an elegant touch which brings the joy of colors to Your everyday or sweetens up Your special events! But do not forget – not every sugar twist is meant for eating 😝.

The name of the collection originates from the first prototypes which were covered with sugar enamel –  these reminded me of tasty crunchy cookies from my childhood, called ‘sugar twist’.  The name suited perfectly for this collection, because one should never take life and jewellery art too seriously 😊.

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