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swing HOOGA by Tamma Design


The interest in deep-buttoned furniture sparked when I saw several sample of buttoning styles on a simple le board, completely out of its usual context. The buttoned sofa conjures images of formally attired gentlemen sequestered in a dark paneled study, sipping brandy and smoking cigars.

It was a first time when I saw the complexity and elegance of the technique.

The swing and the low chair/bench take the classical style out of its usual scene. The strict lines of the wooden frame balance the complex soft upholstery.

The swing is designed for indoor use. It is perfect of public spaces like restaurants and hotels that like to bring a bit of fun into their spaces.

Design by Johanna Tammsalu.


Length: 600mm
With: 300mm
Ropes length: 3m adjustable for the room with a height 2,5-3,5m. The user can add an extension if necessary.


Seat: Plywood and soft seat
Fabric: Wool or velvet
Rope: Spliced Dyneema

Rope: gray, dark blue, black
Frame: white, natural, red
Cushion: gray, blue, dark blue, green, red
Hand made in Estonia

Production time 4-5 weeks

Weight5 kg

Gray, Dark blue, Black


White, Natural, Red


Green, Blue, Red, Gray, Dark blue

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