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chair RAY by Elmet Treier

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The design of the “RAY” chair is inspired by a fish that uses the flapping of its “wings” to move through the water. The shape of the chair looks similar to a raikala.
It is very comfortable and safe to sit on a seat plate with upturned sides. It is also good to support the sides with your hands when sitting on the chair and also when getting up from the chair. The least amount of material has been used to make this chair. 12mm plywood and 10mm round iron together form a very strong and tough construction. Designer Elmet Treier, manufacturer Tarmeko (Estonia).

Material: Plywood and round steel, plywood scraps from furniture production.
Dimensions: h – 870 mm, seat height 680 mm, width 520 mm, depth 440 mm.
Designed in 2016.

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