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brooch KLIV by Darja Popolitova


Delivery time: 2 – 5 working days

KLIV is the ornamental series made from everyday forks.
Using its parts to bend, cut, and be polish into unique brooches, earrings,
pendants, and even rings. Stainless steel mixed with
zirconia stones to create beautiful body jewellery. It is everlasting and unisex.

Recently in today’s culture of minimalism, the line between gender sensitive jewelry is erased.
The story of the modern man and woman continues by the interpretation of an everyday
household item like a fork. Pieces are transformed and create emphasis on the body to become
a celebration of sexuality without the focus on either femininity or masculinity. Inspired by
sharpness, and the essence of a men and women being strong characters.

Darja creates a narrative in shapes interacting with the body, highly sensual in their detail. KLIV
is a reality in urban life, seducing indifferent beings that come to answer its call.

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