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leather shoes GAMPERFIN by Cervo Volante


Kas arvad, et see toode võiks sobida ideaalselt Sinu sõbrale või töökaaslasele? Sellele tootele saad osta spetsiaalse kinkekaardi!

The welted derby is a shoe that makes you feel smarter. Put it on and you’ll be ready for the challenges of the day.

This model is about 3/4 size larger than usual. We therefore recommend that you choose one size smaller.

Derby is a shoe that makes you feel smarter. Put it on and you’ll be ready for the challenges of the day. The model is simple yet elegant, without any fancy details. This wild deer leather derby supports a “the less is more” attitude. The Goodyear-flex insole and 25mm heel will ensure that you can wear these shoes the whole day and still feel comfortable.

Give GAMPERFIN a chance to add an androgynous and timeless touch to your business suits and dresses, by wearing them at different occasions.

* We have no idea where that strange, probably old rhaeto-romanic name comes from. However, GAMPERFIN is situated in the area of Werdenberg, in the alpine valley, close to the majestic mountain range of Churfirsten. Some of our red deer skins come from GAMPERFIN.

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Pure, classy leather sole in Italian style. If you love shoes, you understand the importance of taking constant and proper care for your shoes. For the sake of longevity you should also pay attention to your leather soles.

The colour of the shoe depends on vegetable agents used for tanning the leather. For this particular model you can choose from the following colours (if available):
Brown (tanned with VALONEA OAK)

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100% vegetable tanned leather
from wild red deer
hunted sustainably in Switzerland
handmade in Italy by Silvano Sassetti
delivered in an environment-friendly shoebox from MODEL

For the future beyond 2050


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