poster COLOUR WORLD by Bold Tuesday


This minimalist map is by far the most creative way to keep track of your adventures.

  • colour the whole countries or mark precise points on the map
  • mark your travel route from one place to another
  • write down memories – what was the name of that awesome cafe in New York?
  • make drawings – for our sake, draw penguins and giraffes if you want, it’s YOUR map!
  • attatch photos on it – why not a whole memory wall?
  • or leave the map as it already is – a sleek black and white art print

What will your map look like? All you need is imagination! Get creative!

At the bottom of the map you’ll find a legend. Use the squares to mark the journeys of yourself or friends and family with different colours or patterns.
The size of the map is ideal for framing, but you can just attach it on the wall with any tape or sticker (there is even a wall-friendly kind available).

Size: 70 x 50 CM

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