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leather sneakers SARGANS by Cervo Volante


The most environmentally friendly leather sneaker on the market, available in the classic colours brown and black.

Sargans* is a sought-after everyday companion for full working days and pleasant leisure time, for a casual yet strong appearance. It is a statement for maximum sustainability in the shoe industry – with its decisive step ahead through material selection and manufacturing. An alternative concept to fast-moving and mainstream. The sneaker consists of vegetable-tanned Swiss red deerskin and a natural rubber sole.

The name “Sneaker” (to sneak) originally referred to the silent appearance of the rubber sole compared to the loud kicking of shoes with leather soles. With the advent of the sporty sneaker in the 1920s, a shoe and fashion revolution began. The Cervo Volante Sneaker is also symbolic of a revolution that is started quietly – a change towards a conscious and respectful approach to raw materials, fabrics and people – also in the world of shoe fashion. Step by step.


  • Lightly padded shaft end provides greater comfort.
  • Removable, breathable footbed is made from 100% natural materials.
  • Finely roughened leather insert on the inner heel for added support.
  • The typical “V” design line of the shaft end stands for CerVo Volante as well as for the mountains and valleys where the red deer live.
  • Fine stag beetle embossing has been inserted on the tongue.

The textile insole is connected to the shoe upper by a seam using the Strobel construction. The rubber sole is sewn to the shoe upper. The result is an unusually light, flexible and comfortable shoe.

Manufactured in a small Italian shoe manufactory in Tuscany.

The upper leather, which is purely vegetable tanned in Switzerland, comes from the wild Swiss red deer, as with all Cervo Volante shoes. The surface has been left natural without any treatment.

The colours correspond to the natural colouring caused by the tanning with European oak. Available for this model (as long as available):

Dark brown

Footbed: Made by thermoforming natural latex and coconut fibres without the use of synthetic substances. Antimicrobial, breathable and comfortable. Removable.

Reinforcements: All reinforcements at heel and toe are 100% Cervo Volante deer leather.

Sole: Handmade from 100% natural rubber (each sole is taken in hand over 50 times). Brown sneakers: Sole undyed, black sneakers: Sole dyed with Italian charcoal.

Shoelace: 100% wood-based Lyocell (Tencel) with plastic-free needles.

Packaging: recycled silk paper and 100% recycled cardboard box as shipping box.

* The region around Sargans in the canton of St. Gallen can safely be called a “traffic junction for deer”. Every evening in winter, hordes of red deer migrate from the snow-covered slopes into the already green valley. Of course, when they cross some roads, the cars have to wait…

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100% VEGETABLE tanned leather
from wild RED DEER
hunted sustainably in SWITZERLAND
handmade in ITALY
Embedded in RECYCLED silk paper in a sleek shoe box made of recycled cardboard.
Consciously WILD


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