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sweater NIRGI by Ärni Blum


This super fun sweather Nirk is only for the bravest! And do you know what is extra cool about this one – IT IS DOUBLE SIDED!! One side is more dominant in black colour, other side more white. And the best part is – nobody can ever say again ‘oh pardon i can see the tags, i guess you are wearing your sweater inside out’. Sweater Nirk was originally meant for men, buy hey, sky is the limit, right!

Made in Estonia.

Material: 100% extra fine merino wool

Knit care
Hand wash up to 20-30ºC (cold).
Do not rub or agitate the wool. Do not leave your knit soaking in water for prolonged period.
Do not wring the knit. Lay the knit on dry towel and roll it gently to sqeeze out excess water.
Arrange the knit flat on a dry towel and allow to air dry. You can shape the knit gently while it’s still damp.

Size chart
The sweater in size S-M measures 60cm in width and 70cm in length.
The sweater in size M-L measures 67cm in width and 80cm in length.

The waiting time for the knitted merino wool sweater is up to 3 business days.

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