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Product description: Fragrance Hõrd | Volume: 100ml | Fragrance lasts approximately 4-6 weeks

Directions for use:
Unscrew the decorative golden cap from the bottle, remove the transportation plug and screw the golden cap back. Insert the reeds into the open bottle and they will diffuse the fragrance around the room. We use Special reeds, so you don’t have to flip the reeds.

METS – Forest room fragrance infuses the freshness of spring  thereby  not neglecting the crisp winter sharpness. Premium aromas include blackberry and bergamont form the primary aroma. Sensitive nose can further distinguish white cedar and musk, which is accompanied by a modest nuances.

KÄND – Stump components are rich tobacco with a hint of sweet spice and aroma of cognac.
Ebony with pine trees, smoky undertone to finish this perfect scent ….
Stump specially developed scent that arose as a result of long tests and experiments.

MINT – Wild mint aroma with a hint of white tea. We have used Premium Fragrance oils, that is as lifelike as the moment when you crush a mint leaf and then the aroma erupts.


HÕRD – is a new ESTONIAN word and it means SPACE.

HÕRD is eco friendly product. HÕRD is manufactured from renewable materials. We have a low carbon footprint and are non toxic.

Specially engineered Diffuser Wicks feature high-performance capillarity and fragrance diffusion along the entire length of the wick as well as a homogeneous porous structure that provides a controlled and reliable rate of fragrance release.

HÕRD is made in Estonia.

Refilling will be available soon!


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